Pilot and Feasibility Project Grants Call

Please note that single-cell pilot and feasibility projects should be discussed with the participating cores before the application.  Our single-cell expert Diana Burkart-Waco, PhD, (dburkart@ucdavis.edu) will be available for pilot grant project related discussions every day from 3 pm to 5 pm from Thursday, March 14th to Thursday, March 22nd.
To include the other cores please contact Matt Settles (settles@ucdavis.edu ; Bioinformatics) and Bridget McLaughlin (bmclaughlin@ucdavis.edu; Flow-Cytometry).
The feasibility grant will support the analysis of one sample for the 10X Genomics protocol.


The Office of Research has issued a program supporting pilot and feasibility projects for UC Davis investigators and Campus Research Core Facilities.

For the DNA Technologies Core these funding opportunities will be focusing on single-cell gene expressions studies.   Hereby we are collaborating with both the Bioinformatics Core and the Flowcytometry Core.

Single-cell gene expressions studies reveal expression changes that are undetectable via conventional RNA-seq from tissue samples.  The latter can only provide transcriptome data averages for the entire sample, confounding transcripts of multiple cell types and cell-cycle stages.  In contrast single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) allows to resolve the cellular heterogeneity.

The DNA Technologies Core offers two protocols for scRNA-seq:

  1. Multi-well plate-based scRNA-seq library prep and sequencing (e.g. after flow-sorting).
  2. Droplet-based high-throughput scRNA-seq library prep and sequencing (using the 10X Genomics system)
  • Please inquire with the Flowcytometry Core if your project will involve cell-sorting.
    The Bioinformatics Core has lot of experience in single-cell data analysis. Both cores will aim to support Pilot and Feasibility Project Grant applications for their efforts.
  • The DNA Technologies Core must provide an estimate for services that you apply for, so please contact dnatech@ucdavis.edu before you apply to the Campus Program for Pilot and Feasibility Project Grant funds
  • For more details please see the call at this page:
  • Award preference will be given to projects that will generate long-term use, preliminary data for a new extramural grant or manuscript submissions. Funding from this program will be granted to Academic Senate and Academic Federation members with PI status with the following constraints:
  • (1) Who have not used the requested facility in the past 2 years, or
  • (2) Investigators who will explore the utilization of equipment and services offered by the facility that they have not used before
  • These funds must be utilized within 12 months.
  • Please direct administrative questions to dmporter@ucdavis.edu .

Application deadlines are:  March 23;  June 15; September 14; & December 14, 2018

For all other types of projects, please use the Genome Center pilot grants or our regular fee-based services.

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