DNA Technologies Core — Prices 2019

High Throughput Sequencing Service Rates – Per Lane or Cell
(prices include qPCR library pool quant. and index reads*)
UC RateNon-Profit RateIndustry Rate
Illumina HiSeq 4000  – SR50 or SR100 Single Read Sequencing; 50 or 100 cycles
Illumina Specs: 260-310 million CPF; frequent yields: 320-405 million CPF; average ~375 CPF ***
Illumina HiSeq 4000  – PE100 or PE150 Paired End Sequencing; 2x 100 or 2x 150 cycles
Illumina Specs: 260-310 million CPF; frequent yields: 320-405 million CPF; average ~375 CPF ***
Illumina NovaSeq S4 – S4 flowcell lane; PE150;
Illumina Specs: 2.5 to 3 billion CPF; 750–900 Gb per lane*** 
6400  a8064  a8480  a
Illumina MiSeq 50 cycles v2; special order SR50 or PE25 (per run)98715351888
Illumina MiSeq 150 cycles v3 SR150 or PE75 (per run)106716592041
Illumina MiSeq 300 cycles v2 SR300 or PE150 (per run)120818782311
Illumina MiSeq 500 cycles v2 PE250 (per run)126519672420
Illumina MiSeq 600 cycles v3 PE300 (per run)171626693283
Illumina MiSeq Nano 300 cycles PE150; special order; Illumina Specs: 1 million CPF***492 a773 a953 a
Illumina MiSeq Nano 500 cycles PE250; special order; Illumina Specs: 1 million CPF***557 a875 a1079 a
Illumina MiSeq Micro 300 cycles PE150; special order; Illumina Specs: 4 million CPF***648  a1017  a1255  a
Illumina NextSeq High-Output 75 cycles – PE40 or SE80
Illumina Specs: 330-400 million CPF; >500 million CPF possible ***
1624  a2545  a3140  a
Illumina NextSeq High-Output 150 cycles  – PE75 or SE150
Illumina Specs: 330-400 million CPF; >500 million CPF possible ***
2965  a4655  a5743  a
Illumina NextSeq High-Output 300 cycles  – PE150
Illumina Specs: 330-400 million CPF; >500 million CPF possible ***
4654  a7306  a9014  a
Illumina NextSeq Mid-Output 150 cycles – PE75 or SE150; Illumina Specs: 108-130 million; >150 million CPF possible ***1227  a1923  a2376  a
Illumina NextSeq Mid-Output 300 cycles – PE150; Illumina Specs: 108-130 million; >150 million CPF possible ***1873  a2940  a3628  a
PacBio Sequencing of 1st Sequel SMRT cell V3 (new chemistry) – per library: 10hr run  ;  20hr LR run1344  ;  1516  a2110  ;  2380    a2603  ;  2937    a
PacBio Sequencing of a subsequent Sequel SMRT cells V3 (new chemistry) – per library: 10hr run  ;  20hr LR run1172  ;  1348   a1840  ;  2116    a2270  ;  2611    a
Oxford Nanopore PromethION Sequencing and library prep for the 1st flowcell; larger projects: please inquire2880  a3629  aplease inquire

* All Illumina sequencing runs include the sequencing of up to two index reads up to 8bp in length and demultiplexing.  Please contact dnatech@ucdavis.edu.
** In case you want to sequence infrequently used run-types (e.g. SE150) we would require you to use all 8 lanes of the HiSeq flow cell with your samples.  Please inquire.
***  CPF: Clusters passing filter. Each cluster generates one forward and, for paired-end sequencing only, one reverse read.  The yield metrics apply to standard balanced libraries like RNA-seq or genomic libraries.
a Preliminary rates (pending approval). Will be billed as “special consumables”.

NEW: Illumina Sequencing Packages
(including library preparation and sequencing)
UC RateNon-Profit RateIndustry Rate
Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing – library prep and PE150 bp sequencing
to 30X human genome coverage (96 Gb for other genomes)
1000  a1260  a1325  a
Human Exome Sequencing – library prep, enrichment, and PE150 bp sequencing
80x coverage; 39 Mb target; minimum 8 samples
200  a252  a265  a
Batch-Tag-Seq (RNA-Seq)3’Tag-Seq Gene Expression Profiling
both library prep & sequencing; minimum 8 samples
104  a163  a201  a
Batch-Tag-Seq (RNA-Seq) & Data AnalysisGene Expression Profiling & Data Analysis
library prep & sequencing & DGE analysis; minimum 8 samples; in part billed by Bioinformatics
184  b289  b355   b
Library Services* and HMW-DNA Preparation
(price per library including Library QC; sample QC provided by client or at additional cost through us)
UC RateNon-Profit  RateIndustry  Rate
Genomic DNA Sequencing Library Preps (HT) requires samples at normalized concentrations)80124153
NEW: SHT Pooled DNA Library Preps (per 96 normalized DNA samples in 96-well plate) 960  —  $10/sample  a1507 —  $15.70/sample  a1853  —  $19.30/sample  a
RNA-Seq Library Preps; Poly-A Enriched (HT) starting from 6, 12, or 24 libraries respectively170 ; 130 ; 100265 ; 203 ; 156325 ; 249 ; 192
Ribo-depleted RNA (HT) – Ribo-depletion and strand-specific library prep 180279344
NEW:  3’Tag-Seq (RNA-Seq)gene expression profiling – e.g. Quant-Seq library preps only80  a126  a155  a
NEW:  Batch-Tag-Seq (RNA-Seq)3’Tag-Seq gene expression profiling – library prep & sequencing (minimum 8 samples)104  a  163  a201  a
NEW:  Single-Cell RNA-Seq10X Genomics scRNA-seq library preps; up to 8 samples per day1x $231 + $1836  per sample  a1x $363 + $2883  per sample  a1x $448 + $93  per sample  a
Ultralow Input RNA-seq – Clontech SMART-Seq kit262  a411  a507  a
micro RNA – miRNA-seq library prep including size-selection — up to 48 samples1x $670 + $93  per sample  a1x $1052 + $146  per sample  a1x $1298 + $3557  per sample  a
WGBS METHYL-seq Library Prep – whole-genome shotgun bisulfite seq149  a234  a288  a
RRBS METHYL-seq Library Prep —  per 12 samples1292  a 2028  a2502  a
RR-Seq Library Prep – reduced representation, per 95 samples, plated145022552774
NEW: 10X Chromium Genome Linked Read Library Preps; 10X Genomics 918  a1441  a1778  a
NEW: HMW DNA Isolation- for 10X, PacBio, and Nanopore sequencing; up to 4 samples (animal samples)1x $594 + $100 per sample  a1x $932 + $157 per sample  a1x $1150 + $194 per sample  a
Mate-Pair Library Prep, Gel-Free – including one or two tagmentation reactions respectively; for low inputs; without MP size selection450 ; 650700 ; 1011861 ; 1243
Mate-Pair Library Prep, Gel-Plus – including one or two tagmentation reactions respectively; with MP size selection1450 ; 17502255 ; 27212774 ; 3348
Library Pooling (Qubit Quantification) – up to 6 samples6296118
PacBio Express Library Prep w. size selection426  a669  a826  a
PacBio Express Double-Library-Prep w. size selection621  a975  a1203  a
PacBio SMRT Library Prep for most applications use Express library preps instead470731899
PacBio SMRT Library Prep HT or amplicon – 6 or more libraries345536660
PacBio Iso-Seq Library Prep  full length RNA-Seq — options for pooled preps; inquire770  a1208  a1491  a
Blue Pippin Size Selection – up to 4 samples (PacBio), 5 samples (other)137213262
Hi-C Library Preparation – first and second samples, each1690  a2129  aplease inquire
Hi-C Library Preparation – samples three to eight, each574  a723  aplease inquire
RNA-Seq Data Analysis (Bioinformatics Core) &
incl. gene count tables & simple comparison DGE analyses
DGE Data Analysis Only for RNA-Seq, 3′-Tag-Seq, performed and billed by
(minimum 12 samples, requires reference genome and GTF gene annotation data)
80 — technical info125 — technical info154 — technical info
DNA/RNA & Library Quantification and QC ServicesUC RateNon-Profit RateIndustry Rate
DNA Quantification (Qubit) up to 12 samples6296118
Pico-Green DNA Quantification on Plate Reader up to 96 samples144224275
Library Quantification (qPCR) per sample233644
Bioanalyzer Library QC per sample, 1-3 samples345365
Bioanalyzer HS DNA & Small RNA chips per set of 4-11 samples118184226
Bioanalyzer DNA, RNA Pico & Nano chips up to 11 or 12 samples98152187
Weekly RNA-QC on LabChip Gx Wednesdays: 2 sample minimum; cost per sample5  a7.80  a9.70  a
LabChip Gx QC – up to 48 samples246  a333  a471  a
LabChip Gx QC – up to 96 samples398617761
Fluidigm EP1 System Genotyping UC RateNon-Profit RateIndustry Rate
STA Pre-Amp per 192.24 IFC (chip)281437537
Assay Processing per IFC (48.48, 96.96 or 192.24 chip)464721887
Illumina Infinium II Genotyping – MicroarraysUC RateNon-Profit RateIndustry Rate
Assay Processing: 4 Chips same format108816922081
Assay Processing: 8 Chips same format136821282617
MiscellaneousUC RateNon-Profit Rate Industry Rate
Instrumentation Training**109170209
Equipment Use Fee per hour203239
Agilent Bioanalyzer Supplies per HS DNA or Small RNA chip5687107
Agilent Bioanalyzer Supplies per RNA Nano/Pico/DNA 12k chip365669
LabChipGX Supplies per set of 48 samples148231284
Blue Pippin Cartridge/Supplies 6094115
Labor Rate per hour6296118

* Please consult the Sequencing and Sequencing Library pages for more details on these services.  All library preparation and package services include library QC and pooling. The sample QC can be provided by the client or will be carried out at additional cost by the Core. Additional services related to library normalization, bar-coding, and other manipulations are available – please contact (dnatech@ucdavis.edu). Fluidigm EP1 System genotyping prices are based on a combination of charges 1) Fluidigm materials and reagents, which will vary depending on the format and scale of the project, and 2) IFC chip assay processing costs (shown above). For detailed pricing information contact Vanessa Rashbrook VKRashbrook@ucdavis.eduInfinium genotyping prices are based on a combination of charges 1) Illumina materials & reagents and 2) chip processing costs. Please contact Vanessa Rashbrook VKRashbrook@ucdavis.edu for a quote.
** More information on training found at this site. Non-UCD users must submit a PO (customer name, institution, description of work, approx. $ amount, and PO#) before services can be initiated. In case of questions, please contact Jen Stevens at our Business Office Administration (JenStevens@ucdavis.edu). We now also accept credit cards. Prices current as of August 30th, 2017.
Preliminary rates (pending approval). Will be billed as “special consumables”.
Preliminary rates (pending approval). Will be billed as “special consumables”. $80 of these per sample will be billed by Bioinformatics Core.

The Genome Center Cores provide services at three recharge rate scales. The University of California rate scale (UC rates) do apply to all projects paid from UC-system accounts. Non-profit/academic rates do apply to all other non-profit research including government projects. The industry rates apply to all projects paid from for-profit businesses or institutions.  No taxes will apply to these rates.