DNA/RNA Quantification & Library QC

Library quality control (QC) is essential prior to sequencing. Our library preparation service includes Bioanalyzer QC, and our sequencing service includes qPCR quantification. However, if you are preparing libraries and need them quantified (such as PCR-free libraries prior to pooling), we offer a stand-alone qPCR service using the KAPA Biosystems SYBR FAST ‘Library Quantification Kit for Illumina Sequencing Platforms. This kit measures absolute numbers of molecules containing the Illumina adapter sequences, thus providing a highly accurate measurement of amplifiable molecules available for cluster generation.

When analyzing a larger number number of samples or libraries (> 24) the LabChip GX instrument offers a more affordable and faster alternative to the bioanalyzer.

Quantification of double-stranded DNA using the Qubit Fluorometer (Life Technologies) is also available as a service. If you would like us to pool your libraries we can do this too (pooling is typically based on Qubit measurements, unless the libraries are PCR-free).

Bioanalyzer QC is offered on the DNA High Sensitivity, RNA Nano and RNA Pico chips. Samples need to be at the medium to upper concentration range for a successful run (additional fees will apply if the sample is not diluted appropriately).

For any of these services, please provide at least 2 ul of sample in labelled 0.5 or 1.0 ml tubes. Samples should be accompanied by the QC request form. For prices, please refer to the DNA/Library Quantification section of the Prices page.