NovaSeq & HiSeq Calendar & Queue

  • The turnaround time for the standard HiSeqX run type PE150 is usually between two and three weeks (this assumes the libraries are submitted “ready-to-sequence”).
  • The NextSeq turnaround times for “ready-to-sequence” libraries is two to three weeks.__
  • The MiSeq turnaround times for “ready-to-sequence” libraries are most often less than one week and up to two weeks.

Queue Status

Click on the run-type to view the current queue. For HiSeqX runs a flowcell can be sequenced once there are 8 samples ready.

The project ID can be found in the DNA Technologies Core Submission System:

Possible Status:
00-On NovaSeq/HiSeq: Sample is currently being sequenced on the NovaSeq/HiSeq
01-Seq queue: Library is prepared and ready for sequencing
02-Lib prep queue: Samples have been submitted and DNA Tech Core is making the library
03-Poss more seq: Submitter is sequencing library in one lane and then reviewing data. After customer approval, we will sequence additional lanes.

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