Sequencing Turnaround Times

Ready-to-Sequence user-submitted libraries:

  • Element Bio AVITI sequencer turnaround times for “ready-to-sequence” libraries are one to three weeks.

  • The NovaSeq 6000 S4 lane turnaround times for “ready-to-sequence” libraries are two to three weeks.
    All other NovaSeq lane formats (Sp, S1, S2) are rarely used. It might be necessary to order two of these lanes to get them onto the sequencer.

  • The NextSeq 500 turnaround times for “ready-to-sequence” libraries is one to two weeks.

  • The MiSeq turnaround times for “ready-to-sequence” libraries are one to two weeks.


Queue Status – Sequencing library preparations:

Click on the run-type to view the current queue. 

The project ID can be found in the DNA Technologies Core Submission System:

Possible Status:
00-On NovaSeq/HiSeq/AVITI: Sample is currently being sequenced on the sequencer
01-Seq queue: Library is prepared and ready for sequencing
02-Lib prep queue: Samples have been submitted and DNA Tech Core is making the library
03-Poss more seq: Submitter is sequencing the library in one lane and then reviewing data. After customer approval, we will sequence additional lanes.