Introducing a New Generation of Sequencers – #1 The Revio

Two new sequencers have been installed in the Genome Center, both deliver highest read accuracies: The PacBio REVIO long-read sequencer and the Element Biosciences AVITI short-read sequencer.

  •  The PacBio REVIO reduces sequencing cost by two-thirds and increases the HiFi long-read sequencing capacity 7.5 times compared to its two predecessors. Thus, the HiFi read technology now becomes much more affordable and will enable the generation of pan-genome data including structural genomic variation. As before, these highest accuracy long-read data will be suited for de-novo genome assemblies and full-length transcript sequencing (Iso-seq).
  • HiFi reads will have lengths of 15 kb to 18 kb and mean read accuracies of 99.95% (Q33) for high-quality DNA samples.
  • The HiFi base-calling now makes use of Google Health Deep Consensus algorithms to further increase accuracies.
  • Methylation calling is included in all genome sequencing data. Sequencing of a single SMRT-cell will be sufficient to de novo assemble a human genome.

Learn more about the REVIO here:

PacBio Revio sequencer

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The REVIO will be introduced during a big Launch Party on April 12th in the Genome Center:

The Element Biosciences AVITI sequencer is introduced here.

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