Introducing a New Generation of Sequencers – #2 The AVITI

The DNA Tech Core recently implemented a new short-read sequencing technology. The AVITI sequencer from Element Biosciences provides medium-scale sequencing at higher quality and significantly lower costs compared to Illumina sequencers. While the sequencing chemistry is very different, the instrument is compatible with Illumina libraries and files

  • The AVITI sequencer enables the Core to deliver higher quality sequencing data faster at the same per-base costs of the biggest NovaSeq 6000 flowcell.
  • The mean AVITI quality scores exceed Q40 (>99.99% accuracy), and 95% of the data exceed Q30.
  • The AVITI runs two flow-cells independently, with each flow-cell delivering about one billion read pairs.
  • The cost for a 300 cycle run (PE150) is $2,000, and $1,400 for a 150 cycle run.
  • No index hopping and no read duplication during clustering.
  • Element Biosciences has announced an upgrade that will further improve read qualities and sequencing speed in the next two months. A 600 cycle kit (enabling PE300 reads) will become available in the summer.
  • In contrast to the traditional sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry (SBS), the AVITI employs a sequencing-by-binding chemistry (SBB) that requires the binding of a multivalent fluorescent polymerase substrate by avidity. The use of these so-called Avidites increases specificity and reduces the fluorescent chemistry costs by an order of magnitude. With this technology, the DNA synthesis steps can be carried out with unlabeled nucleotides.

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