People — Contacts for Instrument Expertise

Please use the email address for inquiries.
Use the PPMS system to request instrument training and to book instruments. Please see this page for PPMS information.

Lab phone: 530-754-9143

Lutz Froenicke, PhD
Core Director
GBSF room 1410 (lab), 1317 (office)
Lab Phone: 530-754-9143

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Vanessa Rashbrook

Contact for: MiSeq, Genotyping, and FilterMaxF5 Plate Reader

Oanh Nguyen

Contact for: PacBio, Blue Pippin, Bioruptor, Bioanalyzer & Caliper LabChip GX

Siranoosh Ashtari

Contact for: HiSeq 4000 & NextSeq sequencing, microRNA library preps, and Covaris

Emily Kumimoto

Contact for: Illumina sequencing library preparations

Diana Burkart-Waco, PhD

Contact for: NovaSeq & HiSeq 4000 sequencing, 10X Genomics Genome & Single Cell sequencing, and Pippin HT

Ruta Sahasrabudhe, PhD

Contact for: HMW DNA extractions, Nanopore Sequencing, Hi-C

Claire Barron Goldman

Contact for: sample registration, sample QC

Logan Vinson

Contact for: sample registration, sample QC

JenJen Stevens, Administrator

Contact for: billing and contracts
, phone: (530) 754-9648


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