People — Contacts for Instrument Expertise

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Lab phone: 530-754-9143

Lutz Froenicke, PhD
Core Director
GBSF room 1410 (lab), 1317 (office)
Lab Phone: 530-754-9143

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Vanessa Rashbrook

Contact for: MiSeq, Genotyping, and FilterMaxF5 Plate Reader

Oanh Nguyen

Contact for: PacBio, Blue Pippin, Bioruptor, Bioanalyzer & Caliper LabChip GX

Siranoosh Ashtari

Contact for: HiSeq 4000 & NextSeq & MiSeq sequencing, microRNA library preps, and Covaris

Emily Kumimoto

Contact for: Illumina sequencing library preparations

Diana Burkart-Waco, PhD

Contact for: 10X Single Cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq), SplitSeq, 10X Genome assay, NovaSeq sequencing, Hi-C, & Pippin HT.

Ruta Sahasrabudhe, PhD

Contact for:  Nanopore PromethION Sequencing, HMW DNA isolations, Hi-C

Claire Barron Goldman

Contact for: Tag-Seq, sample registration, sample QC

JenJen Stevens, Administrator

Contact for administrative questions: e.g. invoicing and contracts
, phone: (530) 754-9648


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