Core operations resume in Phase 2 of the COVID response

Dear DNA Tech Core Users,
As UC Davis has entered Phase 2 of the COVID-19 response, the DNA Technologies Core has resumed operation on all services, except the shared equipment access. We are working with reduced staffing and the lab access is limited to staff members, though.  
We can work on projects for which the PIs have received Phase 1 or Phase 2 approval from their home department Dean or Chair (for their own work).  In this case we will not require additional approvals.  
The updated guidelines describe the criteria for UCD laboratory research. Phase 1 and 2 approval criteria include critical research and time-sensitive research
We offer services on the shared equipment.UC Davis projects do have priority.   
There is currently no timeline for a further ramp-up of lab work. We will update our homepage as soon as anything changes.

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