Nanodrop Spectrophotometer

nanodropThe Expression Analysis Facility has a Nanodrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer available for use during normal working hours. This device will perform full-spectrum UV-Vis absorbance analyses (220-750nm), and is designated for use in the facility for measuring absorbance of DNA, RNA, microarray labeling dyes, and proteins (while the nanodrop can read cell culture ODs and protein assays utilizing binding dyes, such as the Bradford assay, our instrument is not to be used for those types of readings).  Advantages of the Nanodrop include:

* 1 ul only of sample required
* Large dynamic range: 2-3700 ng/ul of dsDNA (manufacturer’s specs, this is probably pushing it at both ends)
* No dilutions for most samples
* No cuvettes or capillaries
* 10 second measurement

There is no training fee required for the Nanodrop, and it is available for use during business hours on a first come/first served basis at no additional charge.  However, if your lab has not used the instrument before and requires a login and password to access the software, email us to make an appointment.  The basic training only takes a few minutes (no fee), and you’ll be ready to take readings.  Please feel free to bring your first set of samples at this time.  You will need to provide pipettors, tips, and gloves.  Alternatively, other trained members of your lab can show you how to use the instrument (it’s that simple!).  Data can be printed out locally.

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