Robotic Liquid Handlers

The DNA Technologies Core has a number of liquid handling devices available to users for a small operating cost. Use of these devices can facilitate higher throughput analyses. Fees are assessed for training and for per hour operation costs (read more about training here). Also, there is a potential for mishaps with all these liquid handlers, and it should be understood that the user is liable for damages incurred as a result of incorrect manipulations or programming.

PerkinElmer/Caliper Sciclone G3

High throughput library prep is now facilitated by PerkinElmer/Caliper Sciclone G3 liquid handling robot. We have workflow control protocols in place for genomic library, exome capture, and RNA-seq library for Illumina HiSeq and MiSeq. You can prepare libraries in increments of 8 samples up to 96 samples using a 96-well plate.
Sciclone G3

IntegenX Apollo 324

The Apollo 324 (now acquired by WaferGen Bio-systems) is the ideal automation option for small to medium throughput library preparation. It allows a flexible range of sample preps (between 1 to 32 library preps) with only 2-3 hours of instrument time.


Please contact us if you have any questions about how these instruments could be integrated into your project.  If you anticipate limited use, we can program and operate the machines for your project at standard facility rates.  To sign up for any of these instruments, please use the calendar here to indicate which instrument you’ll be using. Be sure to put your name in the “subject” box and your phone number, DaFIS account, and lab PI in the “description” box.  To make certain changes to your reservation you will need to contact facility personnel (you can make some modifications).  As a courtesy please try to make reasonable estimates for your use of time on these machines.  To schedule training or delete a scheduled date, contact