Training and Use of Core Facility Equipment

Several pieces of equipment overseen by the DNA Technologies and Expression Analysis Core Facilities are available for use by members of the research community.  In order to maintain the longevity and proper functioning of this equipment, and to ensure everyone has equal and appropriate access, several guidelines have been developed.  Please read the information below to help us maintain these resources for everyone in a cost effective manner. It’s also important to remember that we are a service core and our goal is to facilitate your research, so please don’t ever be reluctant to ask questions about what you see on this page or anything relating to your use of the DNA Technologies and Expression Analysis Cores.


All labs using facility equipment must have their personnel trained as a fee for service.  Training is only valid if done by Core personnel; lab members can’t train each other.  This will help us monitor machine use and ensure that everyone has the same knowledge base. Training can take place any time, just make an appointment with Core personnel.  Annual training fees will be billed only twice a year, however: July 1st or January 1st, following the first training.  Each training session can be attended by four people, and each fee covers two sessions, so eight people can be trained/year.  Extra lab people can be trained anytime but additional training fees will be applied.

To arrange a training please see our people page and contact the staff member responsible for the training of the desired instrument.    If your Lab/PI doesn’t already have a Genome Center account you will need to create one in order to use the equipment.  Just go to our login site and follow the instructions for “Creating an Account.”

Machine Use

Facility equipment is available during normal working hours.  Access to the GBSF and the Core lab is restricted after hours, and in general we discourage use of the equipment if no facility personnel are available to deal with mishaps or malfunctions.

Computers that operate common equipment are not internet accessible, and in fact are internally protected by a Genome Center firewall.  For this reason we have to be careful about introducing viruses or related problems, so no flash drives/memory sticks should be used to transfer data.  We can transfer your data onto our web-accessible server and show you how to recover it back in your lab (or at your house, the airport, or downtown Sacramento).

The web site describing each piece of equipment has a link to an on-line calendar used to reserve time on the instrument.  Please use these calendars religiously!  It will help you and other users schedule time slots, and it is our record for billing purposes.  Be sure to put your name in the subject box and your phone number and lab PI in the description box.  To make any changes to your listing you will need to contact Core personnel.  As a courtesy please try to make reasonable estimates for your use of time on these machines.

The web site describing the equipment also may have links to manuals, the manufacturer’s web site, or informational documents we have put together.  Please make an effort to familiarize yourself with these materials.  Also note that different pieces of equipment have different instrument use fees associated with them; this information is spelled out below and on the web page describing that equipment item.

Finally, remember that if you are good to your equipment, it will be good to you.

Our Responsibility

Equipment should be clean, and in good working order.  Control samples should behave appropriately.  Accessory items for equipment use should be available, and a manual should be nearby or accessible.  Please let us know if you feel these conditions haven’t been met.  Often our only knowledge about whether something is working or not will come from you.

Equipment Available Through Our Core And Terms Of Use

Agilent Bioanalyzer Annual Fee + Instrument Use Fee

Nanodrop Annual Fee only (no calendar signup – Nanodrop available on a first come, first served basis)

Caliper LabChip GX Annual Fee + Instrument Use Fee

Covaris E220 Annual Fee + Instrument Use Fee

Diagenode Bioruptor & Bioruptor NGS Annual Fee + Instrument Use Fee

Sage BluePippin Annual Fee + Instrument Use Fee

Caliper Sciclone G3 Annual Fee + Instrument Use Fee

Fluidigm C1 Annual Fee + Instrument Use Fee

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