The DNA Technologies Core offers free consultations for genomics and transcriptomics research projects.

Easy consultation scheduling

  • Please pick a time and book a consultation with the Core manager, Lutz Froenicke, PhD, using the YouCanBookMe system.

  • For single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-Seq) specific questions please try to attend the 10X Genomics office hours:
    Starting from June 2019: 10X Genomics office hours — every first Tuesday of a month from 10 am to noon (GBSF #1314).
    or contact Diana Burkart, PhD, at for other sc-RNA-seq questions.
  • For  Nanopore sequencing, Hi-C, and HMW-DNA preparation specific questions please contact Ruta Sahasrabudhe, PhD at


Lab-meetings with the DNA Tech Core staff

We are happy to join your lab-meetings to present topics of interest and discuss the latest technologies and project designs.

Bioinformatics & Statistics:

For many projects, we suggest to include staff from the neighboring Bioinformatics Core into the discussion. This allows us to consider statistical as well as downstream data analysis implications.

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