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Introducing a New Generation of Sequencers – #2 The AVITI

The DNA Tech Core recently implemented a new short-read sequencing technology. The AVITI sequencer from Element Biosciences provides medium-scale sequencing at higher quality and significantly lower costs compared to Illumina sequencers. While the sequencing chemistry is very different, the instrument

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Introducing a New Generation of Sequencers – #1 The Revio

Two new sequencers have been installed in the Genome Center, both deliver highest read accuracies: The PacBio REVIO long-read sequencer and the Element Biosciences AVITI short-read sequencer.  The PacBio REVIO reduces sequencing cost by two-thirds and increases the HiFi long-read

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Pacbio REVIO Launch Party on March 12th

Please join us for the UC Davis Revio Launch Party on Wednesday, April 12th.  Expect great talks on genome assemblies and pan genomes – and of course an introduction to the new high-throughput sequencer. The UC Davis Genome Center just added the

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