Spatial Transcriptomics Lunch & Learn Seminar at noon on Tuesday, June 19th.

The DNA Technologies Core invites you to a Lunch & Learn Seminar on Spatial Transcriptomics at noon on Tuesday, June 19th.

The Spatial Transcriptomics Technology
Speaker – Stefania Giacomello, Senior Scientist, Spatial Transcriptomics AB,
 –  UC Davis Genome Center Auditorium, GBSF #1005
June 19th, noon to 1 pm
Please register here so we can get an accurate headcount for lunch )

The Spatial Transcriptomics technology allows you to perform 2D transcriptome-wide studies in intact tissue sections combining high-throughput sequencing and microscopy. This innovative type of information can be generated from both mammalian and plant tissues. The end result is a quantitative gene expression map of the polyadenylated transcripts expressed in your tissue of interest.

The seminar will provide key concepts of the Spatial Transcriptomics workflow, from data generation to visualization and quantitative analysis. It will also include a presentation on results obtained by the application of the technology on plant tissues and on the combination of spatial and single-cell data to study the human fetal heart development.

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