New online equipment reservation system ready-to go!

We finally have a new online equipment reservation system ready-to go!

This requires you to register with the new PPMS system   – PPMS will be used by multiple campus cores and its functionality will greatly expand in the near future.

As of Monday October 29th 2018, all equipment reservations and training requests for the DNA Technologies Core ‘Shared Instruments’ will be made through our new reservations system – Stratocore PPMS.

To begin using PPMS:

  1. Submit your account request  (you will need a 7 digit DaFIS account and chart IDs — for most campus labs the latter will be a “3”).
  2. Wait to receive account confirmation e-mail from PPMS (approval through campus administration).
  3. Notify the core that your PPMS account has been created and list the instruments that you have been trained on previously in the email.

The core will then grant you user rights on the appropriate systems (instrument calendars) and you can begin making reservations in PPMS. It is recommended that you submit your account request as soon as possible.

Link to PPMS:

Additional information:

A user help guide is available on the start page. If you encounter any technical issues or have questions about PPMS, e-mail

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