Qubit Fluorometer

The Qubit 2 Fluorometer allows precise quantification of DNA and RNA samples from minimum volume samples. Since the fluorescence signals are generated after binding of DNA- or RNA-specific dyes the assay tolerates a lot of contaminants.  We do recommend to carry out all DNA or RNA sample and library quantifications by fluorometry instead of spectrometry.  The latter is highly unreliable.  The Qubit measurements are carried out tube per tube, typically measuring 1 ul sample volumes.  Larger sample volumes can be used.
For larger sample numbers we recommend fluorometric quantification on the plate reader.

We offer the following Qubit assays:

RNA High-Sensitivity:       quantitation range  5 to 100 ng
RNA Broad-Range:            quantitation range  20 to 1000 ng
dsDNA High-sensitivity      quantitation range  0.2 to 100 ng 

ThermoFisher also offers Qubit assays for protein and miRNA quantitations.