PacBio Office Hours at the DNA Tech Core – every third Tuesday

Pacific Biosciences Field Applications Scientist Nicole Rapicavoli will be answering questions and assisting with the design of experiments every third Tuesday of the month, starting August 19th from 1 to 4 pm.  Please stop by at the DNA Technologies Core (room 1410, Genome Center – GBSF).

Recent advances in PacBio SMRT sequencing (e.g. read length over 20 kb) and in bioinformatics have opened up entirely new alleys for genomic and expression analyses (e.g. near perfect assemblies of bacterial and eukaryotic genomes, full-length transcript sequencing).  Since the single-molecule SMRT sequencing is in many ways different than the second generation high throughput sequencing technologies, consultation with an experienced scientist will help planning successful experiments.

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