Illumina will announce RNA-Seq Pilot Grant program at the UC Davis Sequencing Symposium (August 28th)

Illumina will be announcing four RNA-Seq Pilot Grants at the Sequencing Symposium this Thursday (August 28th, 10 am to 1 pm at the Genome Center Auditorium).  Each grant will include RNA-seq library preparations and one lane of HiSeq sequencing. 

One prerequisite for participation in the pilot grant program is the willingness to report on the results in a short presentation in a forum like the coming Sequencing Symposium at UC Davis.
Please find the Illumina Pilot Grant application form here:


Please submit the proposals by the 6th of September.  If you are awarded one of the grants, please be prepared to submit the samples within two months.

Details about the symposium here.   Lunch will be provided. Registration is free, but required!

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