Can I submit a library I made?

Certainly. Please provide a Bioanalyzer profile (we can also generate these), and barcode  sequence information in the sample submission form. We will check the quantity of your libraries using real-time PCR (included in the sequencing price). We suggest to submit your library in at least 15 ul volume at a minimum concentration of 5 nM. Please see the Sample Requirements page for details.  Depending on the sequencing platform, we can work with less library (down to 1 nM), but the quantification becomes less reproducible, the library becomes less stable, and relatively larger amounts of the library get lost sticking to the tube. The best buffer to ​store and ​submit libraries is 10 mM Tris​/0.01% Tween-20 ph=8.0 or 8.4​, but EB buffer is also acceptable. Please use 1.5 ml low-retention tubes ( e.g. Eppendorf ​​DNA LoBind). If you do not provide a Bioanalyzer profile of your library, we will carry out the QC for a fee.
Please note that for the HiSeq3000/HiSeq4000 the libraries should have fragment lengths not longer than 550 bases and few molecules longer than 670 bp.

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