Do you offer DNA isolations and RNA isolations as a service?

At the moment we only carry out high-molecular-weight DNA  (HMW-DNA) isolations for the purpose of 10X Genomics and Nanopore sequencing.  Please inquire with Ruta Sahasrabudhe, PhD.

We do not offer DNA isolations for Illumina sequencing and RNA isolations at the moment.  However the Taqman Core does. Please contact the Real-time PCR and Research Diagnostics Core (also known as the Taqman Core). They carry out nucleic acid isolations from a wide variety of tissues for both plant, animal, bacterial , and fungal samples.  The Taqman Core manager Samantha Barnum and her team have many years of experience in the extraction of sequencing-worthy DNA and total RNA samples.  Please note that for sequencing purposes the ‘Qiagen Nucleic Acid Extraction’ option should be selected – this protocol generates the highest quality material for Illumina sequencing for both DNA and RNA.  The same protocol may also be suitable for PacBio sequencing, but is only recommended for bacterial samples.

We encourage scheduling your DNA and RNA extraction services directly with the Taqman Core and to mention that the samples are designated for sequencing. Please contact the Taqman Core manager Samatha Barnum for technical details/sample requirements.

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