How to purify DNA samples for long-read sequencing (PacBio, Nanopore)? How to remove polysaccharides?

DNA samples for long-read sequencing library preparations or also 10X genomics linked-reads have to be exceptionally pure. Please see the sample requirements.  For difficult DNA samples, especially all plant DNA samples with hard-to-remove contaminants (e.g. some polysaccharides), we recommend to carry out a high-salt/phenol/chloroform cleanup (please see this protocol) .  Please note that this protocol often leads to a loss of 50% of the sample.  Alternatively the  the BorealGenomics Aurora instrument (discontinued but still available, please inquire) can be used.   This process is slower though (only a single sample can be processed per day or two days) and is accompanied by similar or greater samples loss.


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