How and when will I be invoiced?

The Genome Center Cores provide services at three recharge rate scales. The University of California rate scale (UC rates) applies to all projects paid through UC-system accounts. Non-profit/academic rates apply to all other non-profit research including government projects. The industry rates apply to all projects paid from for-profit businesses or institutions.  Please make sure that you have a PPMS account to place requests and to enable invoicing.
Upon arrival of the samples, the Core staff will enter the order in PPMS where you can review it. You will be notified by an email via PPMS.  You will be invoiced after you have received the data.

The invoicing process will vary slightly for UC Davis customers, other UC-system customers, and non-UC customers.

UC Davis customers:

  1. Once data are delivered to you, the project billing information will be entered into the secure PPMS system at , where you can view it.
  2. In the first days of a month your UC Davis DaFIS/KFS accounts will be billed processed.
    Please note that the billing date (‘completed’) is recorded and that this is sufficient for expiring grants. The final processing can occur after the deadline (usually up to two months).

Other UC system customers:

  1. Once data are delivered to you, the project billing information will be entered
  2. into the secure PPMS system at
  3. , where you can view it.
  4. In the middle of the following month the UC inter-campus transaction system will bill your account via an ITF.

Non UC-customers (academic, non-profit and industry):

  1. Once data are delivered to you, the project billing information will be entered into the secure PPMS system at, where you can view it.
  2. Customers are sent an email notification within the first three days of the following month that lets them know their order is available to pay via credit card for 30 days. This email also requests customers notify our business administration: (530) 754-9648.
  3. Those that did not pay via credit card during the 30-day period are now manually invoiced and the credit card option in the Cores portal is turned off.
    1. The first days of the month are when invoices are processed by our business administration.
    2. Invoice customers generally receive their invoices after the 15th each month.

The UCD Genome Center accepts money transfers, credit card, and government purchase card (GPC) payments, etc.


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