What are the sample requirements for DNA and RNA samples or for sequencing libraries ?

Quality and quantity of DNA and RNA is critical for high quality sequencing output. Please make sure your DNA is not degraded and is free of RNA contamination. RNA samples should always be assessed on the bioanalyzer for the absence of gDNA contamination (can be removed with DNaseI treatment followed by a column clean-up; e.g. Zymo “RNA Clean and Concentrator”) and degradation. Preferentially determine the concentrations of your DNA and RNA samples using fluorometry (e.g. with a Qubit or plate reader). The sample purity should be assessed by spectrophotometry (e.g. Nanodrop).  Please see this page for a comprehensive table of sample requirements for sample QC, library preps, or your self-made libraries. Please see the Library Prep Page for details on the library prep processes.  For submission information, including submission forms and shipping details, please visit the Sample Submission & Scheduling page. If you are submitting DNA for PacBio libraries, please follow the PacBio Guidelines for Shipping and Handling.
The  Real-time PCR core can carry out DNA as well as RNA extractions for you.

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